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Why House of Dispatch?

Our Point of Difference.
A core business model based on Communication, Relationships and Excellence.

Team with eighty years of combined industry experience between our founders, makes House of Dispatch one of the most reliable market leaders in supplying premium dispatching services across the USA. Our primary focus is providing a more personal and tailored approach for your unique needs. Your House of Dispatch team is 24/7 at your availability – ready to improve your efficiency, plan and deliver on time.

Your dedicated House of Dispatch team provides unique and personalized support while minimizing your headaches and maximizing your profit via swift turnarounds and real-time communication. Our team consists of dispatch veterans who know how to solve problems logically and effectively.

Our business framework puts us in the position of accommodating small and medium level organizations that need premium dispatching solutions – may it be after-hours, night or weekend dispatching. Get the peace of mind you need to run your trucking operation without the stress. Experience reliability today.

Time is Money.
We save you both.

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